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Coaching Made Simple.

Spend more time with your athletes and less time crunching numbers. (small text) Each athlete is unique and their training needs to reflect their individual variation. This app uses research on high level athletes to provide: training programs; athlete tracking, and much more. Gain access to some of the ways Cal and Henk train their athletes.
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You can access individual apps, a group of applications or a customized solution to meet your needs. APPS include customizable and individualized HR training zones with example workouts; a HR recovery calculator; measure AVG mechanical work; explosive strength deficit and more.

Fast and Reliable

Easy to use, simply plug in your numbers or upload your data and hit submit.


The site can be access from your phone or the web, quickly calculate in the moment or save the data for later to link to the web.

Rock Solid

Evidence based training, the information and data provided comes from years of work in the field and the literature. We have synthesized the meaningful information to improve your workflow with your athletes.

The Best Coaches Use the Best Tools

Take your athletes to the next level with this amazing new tool. Don’t leave home without it!


Do you want to identify the best way to store, use, or visualize your data? Do you already have a lot of information about your athletes but aren’t maximizing it?

We also offer consultation services to optimize your efficiency and your training program. Reach out to us with a brief description of what you are looking for and we will set up a time to discuss it.



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